Law service

We offer you complete law service especially in these spheres:


Work law

All details will be given in national language. In the case of interest we are able to give details also in other languages with consistent translation of terminology.

By virtue of advocassie our lawyers are insured for liability for damage made during the service including the damage caused by wrong method over usual standard, up to 20.000.000,-Sk.

According to achieved education, length and bearing of professional practice we can offer you lawyer service personally, absolutely, partially through our employees who will work under the professional supervision of lawyers and will use all knowledge and experience. They use all available means and legal arguments in favour of factotum keeping to the law, general legal regulations, good manners and public policy in relation to factotum and also to strangers.

According to § 23 section Nr.586/2003 Z.z. about advocassie as amended by the regulations (next „advocassie statute“) we are due to preserve secrecy of all facts which we learned of during the providing of legal aid.

Our experience and made backround help us to offer you great and time-consuming legal aid, legal aid during the sickness absence of one of the lawyers, offer of the legal aid in the cases when it cannot be offered personally and absolutely.

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